Having been blessed with two boys, the loving couple in the little village of Kookookrom in
Ghana wished for a girl. They would be disappointed, for their next child turned out to be yet
another boy. And what a baby boy he was! Right from the beginning he seemed be in a hurry.
Indeed, at birth, he emerged so swiftly from his mother’s body, that his astonished mother just
managed to catch him before he could drop onto the bare ground!As if the surprise of the sudden
birth of the little baby was not enough, to the amazement of his parents, when he began to
scream, they noticed there were four teeth already growing in his mouth!What other surprises did
this trulyBaby in a Hurryhave in store for his family and the world around him? You are invited,
dear Reader, to find out for yourself!


It is part of the Kiddy Kiddy Books Series. The series follows the life of Kofi Mensah, a young
bot growing up in Kookookrom, a little village in rural Ghana. On his way home from school,
Kofi and his two mates were surprised by the onset of rain. The scene of the three schoolboys
walking in torrential rain moved the driver of a vehicle passing by to pull to a stop to offer them
a lift.
Little did the generous driver imagine his kind gesture would bring him into conflict with the
police. Indeed, not long after he resumed the journey, he was stopped by the police, who accused
him of carrying more passengers than was allowed by law.
The police officer extorted money from the driver before allowing him to resume his journey.
Did the Police officer ever imagine his behaviour would be challenged by a fearless young boy
travelling on the vehicle, a challenge that nearly cost him his job?


A few minutes before the kick-off of the much-anticipated District Independence Football Cup
final between the local team from Kookookrom a village in Ghana and the visitors from
Makokrom, a comparatively bigger town. There was still no sign of the referee and his assistants
arriving from the regional capital.
Finally, the clock stuck 4pm; kick off time! Still no sign of the match officials.
Just as everyone present thought the match would be cancelled, suddenly a young boy was seen
walking briskly towards the field. Residents of the village recognised him-it was ten-year old
Kofi Mensah. What was he up to, many began to wonder?
After exchanging a few words with the match commissioner and managers of the two teams,
word soon began to spread around to the effect the match would go ahead – with Kofi Mensah as
the referee!
Could the little boy live up to the task of officiating such a huge game?
You are welcome, dear reader, to find out for yourself.


Four-year-old Kofi Mensah is forced to go about in tatty clothes. Mocked and ridiculed by his playmate, Abenaa Foriwaah, he enquired of his parents when he could reckon upon receiving a replacement. He was told to wait until Christmas –which was more than three months away. Kofi could hardly wait for the day to arrive.

Were his hopes and aspirations met with the arrival of the festive occasion?

Readers are invited to find out for themselves.


Der vierjährige Kofi ist gezwungen, in schäbigen Kleidern herumzulaufen. Von seiner Spielkameradin Abenaa verspottet und verhöhnt, erkundigt er sich bei seinen Eltern, wann er mit einem Ersatz rechnen kann. Sie sagten ihm, er solle bis Weihnachten warten – und das war noch mehr als drei Monate entfernt. Kofi konnte den Tag kaum erwarten.

Wurden seine Hoffnungen und Wünsche mit dem Eintreffen des Festes erfüllt? Die Leserinnen und Leser sind eingeladen, es selbst herauszufinden.


On his way home from school Kofi Mensah is confronted with a scene that sends him almost to tears—four adults carrying a seriously ill patient on a stretcher. Aware of the fact that the rugged road doesn’t get much traffic, especially at that time of day, and that the next available hospital is a good distance away, Kofi fears the worst for the poor man.

Kofi can’t stop thinking about this awful scene. In the end he writes to the President of his country, telling him about the pitiful experience and pleading with him to build a hospital in the area.

Does this letter reach its destination and, if so, does it achieve its intended purpose?


Seven-year-old Kofi Mensah, a Year 2 primary school boy growing up in the little village of Kookookrom in Ghana, helps his parents on Saturdays and during the school holidays by carrying out various activities on their farm appropriate to his age.

On one occasion he is given grains of corn to plant. In the course of his work, he grows tired and devises a quicker way of planting the seeds assigned to him.

Initially he thinks his mischief will go undetected.

Is that indeed the case?


Seven-year-old Kofi Mensah, a Year 2 primary school boy  growing up in the little village of Kookookrom in Ghana, helps his parents grow cocoa on Saturdays and during the school holidays. At his young age, one could well describe him as an expert cocoa grower.

Despite his experience in cultivating cocoa, does Kofi have any idea what the cocoa beans he and his parents grow are used for?

Well, you are welcome to find this out for yourself!